Sometimes, you and your friend just don't get along. Well, if you want to stop that, you've come to the right place! Other people can be difficult when they're angry and it can be quite difficult. 

How to Repair a Broken FriendshipEdit

  1. Why are you fighting? It's impossible to apoligise meaningly without knowing why you are fighting!
  2. Tell them that how you feel. A honest talk can do wonders.
  3. Say sorry! Don't trick or mess around with them. Say sorry even if you think you're a victim.
  4. Don't be defensive, It'll make things harder.
  5. Listen to your friend.
  6. Wait a couple of days and have a chat. Crack a few jokes.
  7. Learn from the experience.
  8. Talk and gradually repair your friendship.
  9. Keep it to yourself and your friend.

How to Repair a Damaged FriendshipEdit

  1. Why is the friendship damaged? 
  2. Tell the friend. It's not the best idea to talk face-to-face. It could seem like a confrontion.
  3. Have a one-on-one with your friend. No interuptions including other friends.
  4. Tell your friend why and listen.
  5. React to your friend's message in a kind way.
  6. Is your friend honest? Are you honest?
  7. Decide what to do in the future if this comes up again
  8. Just play. This will begin to strengthen your newly repaired frienship.
  9. Keep it to yourself and your friend.